Sarah Smith, Democrat for Delegate 2017

Sarah is running for the House of Delegates because she is fed up with politics in Richmond and Washington. As a health care officer for the state, she spends her days protecting medicaid benefits and making sure families have health care security. If elected, Sarah will:


  • Fight to make sure people have access to affordable health care. We need to keep improving our health care system, and Sarah will fight tooth and nail to make sure that people who have health care because of the ACA will keep it regardless of what Republicans in Washington decide.


  • Make schools better. Sarah and her husband have 2 children and know how important public education is to Virginia families. Republicans in the legislature have been openly hostile to funding Virginia schools at the levels they deserve. Sarah will make sure that school sizes stay small, that Virginia attracts the best teachers, and that kids have the textbooks they need in order to succeed. 


  • While being a champion for sustainable energy solutions, Sarah will lead the charge against any bill that would harm our clean air and contaminate our water.


She is a graduate of local public schools, the University of Virginia, and the University of Richmond School of Law. She completed the Emerge and Sorensen candidate training programs.